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Jenna's parents want to go out of town, but they can't get a babysitter. 

Jenna steps up to the challenge and they reluctantly leave Morgan in her care. 

She has a tough time of it with her because she can't get her to calm down. 

Matty showed up to get notes from Lacey and Jenna manages to reel him in. He likes looking after kids. 

He and Jenna slowly begin to bond, but an argument sets Matty on a path out of the house. He notices Jenna on the baby cam admitting to her mistakes in a story. 

The two of them make friends again.

Tamara tries to fit in with her boyfriend's friends, but she gets in over her head when she agrees to pay $1500 to join a date when one of them can't make it out.

Lissa gets a shock when her mom gets engaged to a rich guy, but her mom tells her that that's the way it is in Palos Hills if they want the mortgage to be paid. 

This drives her back to Jake, who takes her back and the two of them talk about how superficial the town is with all the drama.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 20 Quotes

Lacey: Where do you put it all?
Jenna: My stomach. Duh.

So my parents thought I wasn't mature enough for this.