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Jenna continued to try and get in contact with Matty, but he wanted nothing to do with her and made his frustration clear. 

Jenna and Luke spoke about what the article meant for her and she agreed to drop it. 

When she went into work, she got offered the 75,000 word ebook because she's the only writer who connected with an audience. 

Jenna's mind changes when she realizes that her article was butchered to portray Matty as the villain and she tried to subtly get it taken down.

When she realized this method wasn't going to work, she went to Matty, but he made it clear to her that she was fighting a losing battle and he wanted nothing to do with her. 

Luke got upset at what was going on with them and said that she was doing too much. 

She goes into work and demands the article be taken down and got set to pack her things, but her boss surprisingly let her stay there and took the book deal away from her. 

Jenna went back to Matty, who slammed the door in her face. 

She read the parts of the article that were taken out to him and posted it through the door, but Matty was crying behind it. 

Luke apologized to Jenna about all of the drama and the way he acted. 

Sergio and Sadie were forced to define their relationship.

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 19 Quotes

Matty, finally. You're late.


Hey, dude, some kid took a dump in the pool again.