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Everyone attempts to get Sadie to be able to go to graduation, but she isn't allowed. Jenna even joins in on the fun and tries to get her nemesis back in, but Val is pretty firm when she says no. 

When Jenna informs Val that the flask wasn't Sadies, she says that Matty can't attend graduation because of it. He is annoyed, but he's okay about it to Jenna. 

Lissa wants graduation to go to plan and is pissed off that Sadie isn't part of it. 

Cole and Theo have a drone filming everything, but Sadie shows up and attaches a megaphone to it and makes a massive speech, while everyone listens in horror. 

She then strolls in and Val lets her back in. 

Val informs everyone she's getting married. 

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Awkward Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

This is what high schools really like. The good and the bad.


Her harsh truth may hurt sometimes but it was our harsh truth.