Awkward Season 5 Episodes 11 and 12 Review

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It's time to say goodbye.

Awkward Season 5 Episode 11 and Awkward Season 5 Episode 12 had me clock watching for pretty much all of this highly anticipated mid-season finale. 

For all intents and purposes, there are no stories left to tell and not a lot happened. It could have easily (and should have) served as a series finale for the show. Jenna and Matty going off together was the highlight, but Jenna's closing statement had me ready to shout at the TV. 

Matty and Jenna - Awkward

How many times will fans really let the show have these two together, only to rip them apart to create drama? It's despicable and poor writing. If the show returns and they aren't an item, it will alienate a lot of the fan base. Well, what's left of it. 

For a show that's shown us how mature Jenna can be, these episodes really proved she isn't. The way she acted at Val's wedding was just plain stupid and not close to the way we'd expect her to act. 

Yes, Val got married at graduation. Can you imagine that happening in real life? No, neither can I. At least it somewhat explains the way she didn't want Sadie there. Sadie has made pretty much everyone on the show's life hell, but at least she stayed true to her character throughout.

Even when she knew she wanted Sergio back, she was still a complete bitch to him and that's what we'd expect from her. 

As much as I liked her scenes with Jenna, they just felt really wrong and put in there to be used as a mere plot device. I've never heard anyone say that a bully made them who they are. The fact that Jenna can even share the same oxygen as her, is pretty weird. 

Tamara and Jake could be on a path to being a thing again and that's fine with me. These two were great together in earlier seasons, but considering we only have 12 more episodes left, they better get together before the series finale. None of this back and forth tripe we've been fed with Jenna and Matty. 

There were some really hilarious moments, but they didn't outweigh the melodrama thrown our way. I especially like Cole and Theo making Jake feel old. It was a buzz kill for his night, but it paved the way for his potential reunion with Tamara. 

I also laughed out loud at Cole stealing a bunch of diplomas and running. It was so random.

I really wish this was the series finale. I just can't fathom what the show can do in the back half of the season to drum up interest. I understand they're flashing forward a year, but I'm guessing things won't be all that different. The only character I'm remotely still invested in is Sadie. Will she still be with Sergio? I sure hope so. 

Over to you, fanatics? What did you think of the mid-season finale? Are you shipping Tamara and Jake? Who do you think will be the most different after the time jump? Hit the comments!

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