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Rebecca and Tedward are hanging out in a cop bar when Rebecca points out an ex-convict that she put away. Tedward very dramatically tells her he'll protect her from the possible harm. 

Tom comes to Rebecca's office to discuss a case. Tom says this is his third strike, but Rebecca points out that the strikes are stretching it. She believes the three strikes law is misguided and not meant for guys like the defendant, Charlie. She agrees he deserves some jail time, but asks him to be reasonable as he does not deserve twenty-five to life.

Rebecca finds a death threat on her car. Tedward insists that she get a gun to protect herself, but she refuses. Tedward sneaks into her bedroom in an attempt to scare her and she ends up pinning him to the bed. 

Tedward yells at her that he easily broke into her house, guessed her alarm code, and could have strangled her in bed. He wants her to be able to protect herself. Rebecca finally relents and says she'll go shopping for a gun. 

Rebecca asks Charlie, who is defending himself, to the bench to inform him that he has the right to waive a jury and instead appeal to a sympathetic judge. He turns her down and chooses to keep the jury. 

Charlie's defense is that the knife handle is too small for him to grip it but Rebecca informs him there's video footage of him holding the knife. His defense also includes him quoting Johnny Cochran and A Few Good Men. 

Tedward and Rebecca are at the gun range. Tedward is surprised to find out Rebecca knows how to shoot. She explains she actually grew up with guns. 

Rebecca asks Gary to evaluate Charlie after she sees him talking to himself in the parking lot. She hopes Gary's evaluation can help Charlie look more sympathetic to the jury. Gary agrees but also insists on staying over at her place to protect her. 

Gary talks to Charlie about how all of his crimes have been theft related and notices that he stole his pen. He tell him he's a kleptomaniac and offers to testify for him to help him get less time. Charlie refuses though, thinking that he's fine on his own. 

Rebecca is confronted by the ex-convict, Byron, outside the courthouse. Surprisingly, he thanks her and appreciates that he's been given a second chance. 

Charlie agrees to plead guilty to misdemeanor burglary and will serve two years at a psychiatric facility. 

Tayward comes over to reset Rebecca's security alarm and ask her if she got a gun. She didn't but she did get a crossbow instead. She explains that Tayward was wrong about Byron and she never wants to be wrong about someone holding a gun. 





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judge Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

The guy literally brought a knife to a gunfight, the only person he endangered was himself.


Are you saying you want to be the black Kevin Costner to my white Whitney Houston?