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Rebecca and Billy are messing around and when he asks her to the fireman's ball she knocks him out by restricting his airways. 

Rebecca is tasked to judge a case of a restaurant manager who is tried with nine counts of sexual misdemeanor. His lawyer uses her devilish good looks to sway opinion in her favor. She starts by attempting to send home all of the female judges, much to the annoyance of Rebecca. 

Rebecca goes shopping for a new truck after her last one got wrecked. She asks the salesman how his wife is and he replies by telling her that he cheated she cheated on him. She gets into a truck she likes and when Billy mentions their relationship, she drives off, leaving him.

Rebecca forgets the name of someone related to the case.

When Billy doesn't leave Rebecca's work she tries to avoid him, but runs into him in the lift which forces them to talk.

Rebecca finally attempts to tell Billy she isn't into him and uses a poor excuse by saying that she's read plenty books while he's only read one. Billy blows her off and says that if anything ever changes to give him a call. 

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