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Rebecca is summoned for jury duty, which means she can no longer help Tedward win a bar games competition to Tom and Judith. She makes an enemy in the jury, as Chad makes it his personal mission to ridicule every comment she makes.

Initially, rushing through the case, Rebecca realizes that the jury are making the wrong choice and sets out to prove her point that the man is innocent.  She is in a power struggle for the votes with Chad, but she gains the upper hand, by buying the jurors pizza and by making Chad appear stupid. He wouldn't stop bugging her about breaking rules, until she informs him that his mothers coke addiction was a breach of rules.

Tedward must find someone else to help him in the bar games competition. Rebecca suggests Garry, but Tedward declines. He tries to make friends with Garry, but it just leads to several awkward encounters. In the end, he must choose Garry. Garry says no to helping him, but eventually changes his mind. The two teams are neck and neck for the bulk of the bar games. In a tie breaker competition, Tedward and Garry emerge victorious, wiping the smile off Tom's face.


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judge Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Tom: Judith, that man is bleeding.
Judith: He'll live.

I don't see what the competition is. It's just bar games.