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The judge wakes up and heads to store and drinks wine while buying a pregnancy test.

Upon arriving at work, she rushes to the courtroom to begin a case and argues with a lawyer.

The judge then gets ready to have sex with Garry until he spots the pregnancy test. He thinks she is sleeping around.

The judge meets up with Robbie at school to help get him off the hook. He blames her for all of his actions because she sent both his parents away to prison. Robbie continues to get in trouble. He draws a picture of his teacher, with a penis on his head. Upon meeting with the teacher it is apparent that the judge is quite childish. She burps and mocks the teacher. 

Robbie is being sent away because of his antics and the judge swings in to action to secure a letter from Garry to save him. Garry agrees to give her the letter and the judge goes to make an all important speech.

At the bar as Robbie says goodbye, he tells the bar that drinks are on the house and the judge is paying. She is very shocked and shouts that she is not.

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judge Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Be glad that's negative, I am.


Rebecca: Really, Tom he's got no priors - you really wanna do this?
Tom: Yeah, I really wanna do this!