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Rebecca takes the law into her own hands when a man is beeping her to move her van. She takes an axe off a fire truck and outs it in his tyre. Rebecca gives a fireman her business card to find her.

Rebecca then appears in the court and has to decide what to do with a shop lifting celebrity.

The celebrity causes the media to appear and take incriminating photos of the judge which spread over the internet.

Rebecca arrests the whole courtroom as one person had their phone on.

Garry informs the judge that he is going on a date to a club. The judge looks upset as she had arranged dinner and a movie for them.

She takes two cannabis brownies and ends up calling the police as she is high and paranoid.

She ends up sleeping with a fireman named Tim. It seems this is out of jealousy and she doesn't like him.

Rebecca's boss comments on how unprofessional she was in arresting the whole courtroom because of the phone situation.

The judge tells Tedward stories about her van spanning years. She is horrified when someone crashes into it and it explodes into a ball of fire.


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judge Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

It's not funny to compare a human to a pastry. Not funny.


911. I've forgot how to breathe, and there's giant fruit.