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Dylan is at Norma's upset that Caleb left. She says people generally disappoint and there's no need getting sick over it.

Norma wants to go to a medical facility to get some help for Norman, but it's super expensive.

Dylan is still trying to reach Caleb. 

Emma hears her dad talking on the phone and isn't pleased. 

Bradley goes into her house and robs it, smashing things to make it looks like a true robbery.

Emma's dad calls Dylan because a pair of lungs have come available and they have to go to Portland as soon as possible. Dylan finds her at the farm. It's so beautiful there.

Emma is afraid she will reject the lungs and wants control over her life.  After she cries, looking somewhat like an angel, they kiss and she realizes she's getting the transplant.

Bradley prepares to leave and Norman couldn't look more uncomfortable. As she begs for him to go, his eyes glaze over and tears spring in. She stupidly kisses him. Norma comes home and he says he has to go. She's leaving after dark, he knows where to find her.

Norma attempts to talk to Norman about medication and therapy and places that can help, and Norman doesn't take it well. He suggests Norma has given up on him.

Romero is watching the FBI ready their weapons for an all out assault.

Norma walks out of the motel office to see Romero pull up. He's not sorry for what he did, but he does wish he could have protected her. She wishes she hadn't hid it, but she did. Norman's the dearest boy who ever lived and he's broken, but if Bob Paris has him investigated and he's taken away, she'll die. She doesn't even care anymore. Maybe it's for the best. We're all doomed in the end anyway.

The DA is on her way to arrest Bob Paris and Romero calls to warn him. Bob is surprised, but Romero doesn't need him to be arrested. Bob reaches his boat to find Romero on it. Bob intends to shoot, but Romero thinks that's a poor idea. 

Norman decides he's leaving and packs a bag. He and Norma begin fighting, with Norman citing the conversation they had about Bradley in the parking lot. When he opens the door to leave, she knocks him out and drags him into the basement, tying his feet and hands together. 

She calls Dylan. Norman has gone completely out of his mind. She's scared and needs his help. Dylan arrives and Norman has gotten free and climbed out the window. When Norma tells Dylan Norma lost his marbles and is heading off with a dead girl, Dylan has to tell Norma that Bradley really isn't dead.

While they're in the car, sultry Norma appears in the back seat. Mother would like to talk to Bradley. She's in trouble!

Norman turns into Norma and Bradley doesn't stand a chance. Norman beats her head against a rock, blaming "Mother" after the deed is done.

Norman drives her to a quarry and apologizes on behalf of his mother and pushes her in. He's gone full on Psycho.


Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Norma: I think that you need help. Help that I cannot give you.
Norman: What sort of help. You don't mean like games?

I'm glad that we had this talk of yours. I see where we stand. You've given up on me.