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Say goodbye to Kevin Rahm! Romero is out in the ocean sinking a fishing boat with that dude right in the middle.

Dylan is putting up missing signs for Norman. He's been missing since Friday.

Norman wakes up next to a hole in the dirt in the middle of a field. He's talking to mother. It's all her fault. She needs to listen. A farmer asks if he's OK. It's his mother, Norman says, she just won't listen. Norman gets a running start at the farmer, but the guy clocks him right in the nose.

Dylan is on the phone when he arrives at Norma's. They found Dylan. He's at the psychiatric unit. Dylan won't go with Norma to see him. Emma's having a lung transplant. He has to go to Oregon. She wonders why he never told her about him and Emma.

Emma's lung transplant is ready to start. Norman is tied up in county hospital. They're on two completely different paths. Norman says they need to find his mother. He's worried about her. Please!

Romero is putting a brick of money into a false floor.

Norma arrives at county. Norman is under 48 hour observation. Norma demands to talk to his doctor. Right now. She takes a seat instead.

Dylan arrives at Portland All Saints Hospital. They just started.

When the hospital found out he has blackouts and doesn't have a doctor, they find that a bit disconcerting. They wonder if she's a Christian Scientist. No. But she didn't let him get his driver's license. The time for her to take care of him was before this. She might be seen as negligent for never taking him to a doctor before this.

Dylan sees Emma's mother arrive at the hospital with a suitcase. She's a werewolf or witch from True Blood.

Her father doesn't want her there. Her name is Audrey. She scraped all her money together to fly there. She has something for Emma and she's not leaving. She and Will argue.

Norma goes to see Romero. She wants him to get Norman out. He says he's not magical. Wait it out and pray. He seems out of sorts. She notices.

Emma did great during surgery. She's a very strong young woman. It was a textbook case.

Emma goes back to the home she visited ages ago to see if can admit Norman. Right away. Now. No. She needs a doctor's diagnosis and to go through all kinds of things, but she hasn't done that yet. She sees Dr. Edwards outside the home and tries using her wiles to get an appointment quickly. He's gay. She tells him the truth. For once. That she didn't take him to doctors because she was afraid they'd take him away. She's very scared. Once he's released, call the office, he'll see if he cana help.

At the hospital, Norman is sinking farther and farther into mental illness. He's recalling being a boy, baking cookies, singing and laughing, cut with Norma telling him not to take shit so seriously.

At the motel, Emma's mother is asking about a room. She doesn't tell the truth to Norma about who she is.

Dylan goes in to see Emma. He tells her she looks awesome and she smiles.

Norma gets a call that the hospital will be discharging her son at noon. She takes breakfast and coffee to Audrey. Audrey tells her the truth. Norma doesn't want to be involved.

The hospital tells Norma that if she doesn't have a plan for treatment when social services contacts her within the next 48 hours, he'll be returned to their facility.

They're only letting him go because he showed no signs of violence.

Norman sees Norma in the hallway. They rush and hug in the hallway.

Audrey asks Norma to give something to Emma. She pushes Norma's envelope a little too far and Norma asks her to leave. She begs to stay. She has nowhere else to go. OK. But leave them alone.

When Norma is cutting Norman's hair, he begs that she never sends him away. He had horrible dreams, that she killed Bradley Martin and bashed her brains out on a rock. But he guesses none of that was real. None of that was real, she says. Are you sure, mother? She gets angry.

They're spooning and she wakes up to call Romero. She needs to talk to him. Now.

Emma's mother watched Norma pull away.

Norman is in the house alone. The door to the bedroom is locked. He's screaming and trying to get out. He crashes out of the door and falls onto the floor. He's incredibly angry. He puts on Norma's robe, looking at himself in the mirror, seeing his mother.

Norma arrives at Alex, a big smile on her face. She wants him to marry her so she can have insurance. She's utterly shocked when he turns her down.

Back at the house, Audrey is standing at the door with a stuffed animal and an envelope. He's full on Norma. As such, she invites him in and serves her coffee and the whole shebang. In Norma's robe. He crosses his legs, careful to cover the right one as he (no, she) leaves it open while crossing. Audrey cries while telling her tale. Norma(n) receives the rabbit from her childhood and the letter Audrey wants to give her. Norma(n) can't believe a mother would leave a sick child and chokes her to death with her scarf. So there.

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Audrey: You really are nice, aren't you?
Norma: Emma told you that the one time you ran into her in the village?

Norma: I need you to get him out.
Alex: Norma, I'm not magical.