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Norma wonders who is so pissed they'd trash the place. Romero assures her it's not Bob Paris and whoever it is is after him. It's just part of marrying the sheriff.

Norma goes into town to see who might be able to replicate her window. Nobody can do it at the hardware store. Chick is there. He overhears her say her name.

Norman is sharing his thoughts on the blackouts with the doctor. He thinks the blackouts are physiological. He had an MRI, but wonders if it didn't show a problem if they should do another. He apologizes for saying Norma killed people. He thinks his relationship with Norma is typical. Dr. Edwards centers on that word...typical.

Norman gets a little verklempt talking about Norma. Edwards wonders if Norma might be happy shes' taking the time to think about herself. Probably.

Dylan takes Emma home. Their house isn't sold yet, but there is a renter interested.

Norman wants to have his name entered to the phone call list to call Emma to check on her lung transplant.

Norman calls Norma.

Emma looks at a picture of herself that she drew. She knows she looks like her, but she doesn't feel like her anymore.

Emma asked the doctor how long until she can have sex. Four to six weeks. She acts fun and flirty with Dylan, but when he leaves the room, she seems a little frightened.

Emma's dad wonders why Dylan isn't staying for dinner. Dylan has an early job interview in Seattle. Is this because Emma asked him to move with them? Yes. Emma's dad suggests he lie to get the job.

Chick goes to Norma's to offer his help on the window. He doesn't lie about his name, but he lies about how he was injured. Dylan goes for it and tells the truth. Artisinal marijuana. The guy wonders why it's not on his resume. Dylan should have lied.

Romero sits next to Rebecca at a sandwich shop and tells her about the authorities fishing for money laundering info and also to stay away from Norma's.

Norman sees Julian in the rec room. He's beaten and appears to be drugged.

Norma goes top see Norman and they talk about what Dr. Edwards said to Norman. I don't quite remember that particular conversation, however. I think Norman switched out Norma for his dad. 

Chick goes to Norma with an idea to give to her a new window with it's own integrity and reason for being. Norma thinks it's lovely. Chick comes clean and says he knows her son. When he speaks of Caleb, it gives Norma chills.

Whoa. Dr. Edwards asks Norman if it's possible Norma wasn't here like he thought. Or that it didn't happen the way that he thought it did. That's when Edwards says he knows Norman called her. And when Edwards says he knows for certain Norma did not come to visit.

Norman becomes Norma right in the middle of their session. Thankfully, Dr. Edwards recognizes it. The way they film it is incredibly freaky and scary as shit.

Rebecca waits for Romero outside the station. Girl stuff. He didn't marry her.

Emma was scared of showing Dylan her scar. She pulls up her shit. I don't see it. It looks just like the bottom of a bra.

Dylan takes off his shirt and shows her all of his scars. He does his best Jaws impression from the scene when they were showing off their scars.

Norma sees a photos of her and Romero in the newspaper.

Chick comes to Norma's and tells her the truth. They did not meet by accident. They were both hurt by the same person. If Dylan was Caleb's father and Norma's brother, then Caleb had to hurt her. Chick is angry because when Caleb beat Chick, Caleb drove off his wife and child. Caleb had no idea the cause and effect of his actions, but that does not deny the accountability. 

Norma wonders if Chick wants to kill him. Norma begins to cry. She has no idea where he is. 

Bates Motel
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Bates Motel Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Norma: You don't need to remember the hurtful things, Norman. Your father's dead, he's dust, he's nothin'. You understand?
Norman: I understand.

My mother and I have a very typical teenage boy mother relationship, I think.