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A man on a cel phone is heading to his car when he is confronted by a masked man with an axe who chops down a powerpole onto the car and then floods the parking lot with a fire hydrant. The man runs and tries to climb a fence and gets electrocuted.

Kate and Jacob discuss Beth's captor when Sophie calls them out to see a news report on the murder of Angus Stanton. When Jacob wants to know why they weren't notified, his agent points out that the city called for Batwoman.

Kate leaves quickly and Sophie asks Jacob to be assigned to find out who Batwoman is.

Alice helps Mouse into a new face, a match for Dean Deveraux. Alice sends Mouse in his disguise to steal Catherine's weapon.

Kate and Luke meet at Wayne Tower where Luke confides that Stanton prosecuted the man who shot and killed Lucius Fox the night of Luke's graduation celebration.

While researching potential suspects (like a parolee named Chris the Fist) for the Executioner, a call goes out from GCPD stating the Executioner is barricaded with hostages in a building. Jacob sends his Crows in to back up GCPD.

The Executioner is demanding to speak with Detective Donnelly. Sophie catches Batwoman sneaking in the back way. They hear screaming but only find speakers playing screams. Donnelly enters and triggers a series of weapons. Caught in the crossfire, Sophie is hit and identifies Kate before she passes out.

Batwoman brings Sophie to Mary for medical attention, telling her to keep Sophie from leaving.

Mouse enters Hamilton Dynamics using Deveraux's face to bypass the recognition software. When confronted with Catherine Hamilton and her team, he is about to panic when they applaud his accomplishment, developing a weapon that can penetrate the Batsuit.

Kate and Luke figure out the Executioner is using methods of capital punishment to kill his victims and the next victim will be killed by being gassed.

While Batwoman is at the chemical warehouse, the Crows take down Chris the Fist. A minute later, a pick-up truck rams into the warehouse, hitting Batwoman, and the Executioner steals the hydrogen cyanide.

Using the Batsuit's impact data, Luke figures out the truck belonged to Blackgate's executioner, Bertrand Elden.

Sophie wakes up in Mary's clinic, patched up but handcuffed to the bed.

Batwoman visits Elden's apartment and finds the cannister of gas pellets. Inside, there is only a thumb drive containing Elden's confession and reasoning for his murders. Luke is conflicted because if Stanton is accused of being corrupt, his father's killer could be released.

The Crows are about to turn Chris the Fist over to the GCPD when Batwoman abducts him and leaves the thumb drive for Jacob.

Alice and Dean are playing checkers and when Dean beats her, she flips the board. Kate calls Alice and questions her about Mouse's purpose in stealing a weapon that could kill Batwoman. Alice says she isn't trying to kill her. Just then Mouse walks in using Kate's voice on the phone to talk to Alice in order to learn Batwoman's real identity. He uses the weapon to kill Deveraux.

Kate and Jacob argue over the Executioner's theory about Stanton, Donnelly, and Judge Calverick.

Sophie gets out of the handcuffs and leaves the clinic with Mary's doctor's orders and her take on how Sophie seems to betray everyone.

Judge Calverick is burning papers when Batwoman appears. He runs out of his chambers into the courtroom where the Executioner is waiting. Batwoman provides a chance to escape and confronts the Executioner. He has the upperhand on her when Jacob shoots him in the back. Jacob sends the other Crows to sweep the building.

He goes to take Batwoman into custody. They fight but stop when Elden's body starts beeping. His heartrate monitor has triggered a dead man's switch and the courtroom starts to fill with gas. They wait until the saturation is 6% and Batwoman ignites the hydrogen in the room.

Alice and Mouse reconcile and Mouse gives her the weapon.

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