Sophie: Piece of advice. If you're always in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe you should find a new place.
Ryan: And tell me where that is.

[screams as a bat bursts out of Mouse's corpse] What? I really hate bats!


Look, I get it. Blackgate doesn't look good on my resume. But it did give me a valuable skill set. Every second you're inside, you're assessing threats, trying to figure out who's dangerous. You get real good at reading people. Faces can tell you a lot.


Ryan: You get demoted? I dunno, c store robbery seems a little low-rent for you.
Sophie: Funny. I was going to say it's a step up for you. Got tired of covering for your drug-dealing lady friend?

They say revenge is a dish best served cold but I think the portions are big enough for us to split.


Julia: Why would I ever work with a psychopath?
Alice: Because there's another psychopath hunting you who's even scarier than me, let's be real.

Rat, meet Mouse.


Thug: Where's the cash?
Ryan: I got three collection agencies asking me the same thing.
Thug: ATM card?
Ryan: You're just setting yourself up for more disappointment.

Luke: I thought you said it was an accident.
Sophie: We're not ruling anything out. Just looking into any possible enemies.
Luke: You mean other than every agent in this building? Right? Or maybe just the ones that lured her into a trap, tried to gun her down on the fifty-yard line? Y'know it's too bad she didn't have someone who loved her watching her back.
Sophie: I think we're done here.

Julia: It wasn't my secret to tell.
Sophie: No, just your secret to keep.

You know what I'm really NOT okay with? Everybody just expecting me to get over the fact that Alice killed my mom. And maybe if Kate would've done what Ryan's trying to do, she'd still be alive!


Luke: You want to use the cape to slow your descent.
Ryan: Things that would've been nice to know before I jumped ten stories.
Luke: Nothing stopping you from asking... before throwing yourself off a building. FYI

Batwoman Quotes

Native American Trainer: Too slow.
Kate Kane: You covered the damn hole!
Native American Trainer: And you found way. Own way. Tomorrow, find faster.

Trust me, this isn't the story I expected to be telling. But you know as well as I do that stories, like the people who tell them, aren't always what they seem.

Kate Kane