Sophie: So you and me and timing, huh?
Kate: Maybe, in another universe, we were meant to be together.
Sophie: But in this one?
Kate: In this one, I think we both deserve something a little easier.

I spent so long thinking that it was up to me bring Beth out of Alice. Turns out Alice brought Kate out of me. She's my twin. She'll always be a part of me. But until Alice wants to be Beth, I can't help her.


Do me a favor, Alice. You know this feeling that you feel? That's good. And now that you know you are capable of feeling it, chase it again.


Black Mask: You want to know why you failed as a villain?
Alice: Yeah. Please. How did you know?
Black Mask: You can't be bad and have feelings. You can't hate Batwoman and protect her identity. You can't hate your sister and risk your life for her. See, it's confusing. You can't sell a confusing message.
Alice: Says the freak with two names.

You don't need the suit to be Batwoman. She's already in you.


Circe/Kate: You're not really going to stab your own sister in the back?
Alice: That's kind of our thing.

Ryan: Circe's strong and she's ruthless.
Sophie: And you're Batwoman.
Ryan: Am I? Without the suit, the gadgets, the symbol? I'm just Ryan Wilder.

Mary: Okay, Bat Team mission to-do list. Number One, find Circe. Number Two, get Kate back. Number Three, apprehend Black Mask. Number Four, stop a possible faction of very angry people from overthrowing the government. All right, am I missing anything?
Ryan: Yeah. How?
Mary: So it was my job to MAKE the list...

We've always needed a hero, Gotham. But, in this moment, maybe that's not me.


And when the dust finally settles over our failed system, Black Mask will still be standing, ready to lead you to your liberation! Because you know what they say about power, huh? Use it. Or lose it.

Black Mask

Every one of you signed up to protect this city with a noble purpose in your hearts. And what did you get in return? Your hands tied by corrupt politicians who care more about some criminal's rights than what is right. A system more concerned with the red tape than the red blood running through our streets. The people you're there to defend would rather defund.


Ryan: The suit's hers. I was just keeping it warm for her.
Sophie: You made the suit your own. Just like you made Batwoman your own.

Batwoman Quotes

Native American Trainer: Too slow.
Kate Kane: You covered the damn hole!
Native American Trainer: And you found way. Own way. Tomorrow, find faster.

Trust me, this isn't the story I expected to be telling. But you know as well as I do that stories, like the people who tell them, aren't always what they seem.

Kate Kane