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Rifle targets someone in a restaurant but is interrupted by Batwoman before he can take the shot. The Crows arrive on the scene.

Batwoman leaves by an alley but Sophie stops her, calling her "Kate"

Batwoman denies being Kate and leaves by grappling hook.

In the restaurant, a woman with a British accent is on the phone and confirms that the Rifle is in Gotham.

Kate trains in the Batcave and Luke arrives and mentions that Jacob's filed for divorce and it's in the news.

At Crows HQ, Sophie and Tyler discuss Batwoman and he asks if she knows who Batwoman is. She denies it.

Catherine and Mary are on their way to the lawyer's office and discuss the divorce. Catherine gets a call from her company and is told the coil accelerator has gone missing despite being under level 5 security protocol. She is also told that Deveraux is dead.

At Pyra Electrics, Batwoman has the employee parking lot staked out to protect the employee, Derek Holcomb, who was targeted at the restaurant. She spots the sniper but another hooded figure jumps on him. Batwoman trips him up but the other figure stops her from taking him in and lets him get away while they are fighting. The hooded figure identifies Kate by her fighting style and reveals herself to by Julia Pennyworth, Alfred's daughter.

Derek Holcomb is walking by an alley when Mouse jumps out at him and stabs him repeatedly. Alice applauds his efforts and explains to Rifle that he should've gotten it right the first time.

The three victims Alice had targetted were the only people who knew how to make the coil accelerator weapon and killing them makes their stolen one unique. Rifle's boss wants it and Alice is offering it in exchange for something else. Rifle says his boss wants proof the weapon works. Alice blows a hole in a nearby building and leaves with Mouse.

Julia and Kate confer about the Rifle in the Batcave with Luke. Kate tells Julia to stay out of her business, still sore about a brief relationship they'd had years ago.

In flashback, Sophie and Kate agree to refuse to sign the gay denial letter.

In the present, Sophie gets a message from Kate to meet at Alessandro's. Noticing how intimately seated they are, Alessandro himself tries to move them out of the dining room under pretense of enforcing a dress code. Kate refuses to be moved despite Sophie's embarassment and draws attention to the situation. When she threatens to text her step-sister, Mary Hamilton, Alessandro backs down and then Kate storms out. Sophie chases after and they hash out the past. Sophie reveals that Jacob talked her out of standing her ground so that she could graduate from Point Rock.

Kate realizes that Sophie is completely loyal to Jacob and can't be trusted.

Returning to Crows HQ, Sophie comes clean with Tyler about her past relationship with Kate but isn't able to tell him that she doesn't feel anything for her anymore.

Julia is telling Luke about her past with Kate when Kate returns to Bruce Wayne's office. She proposes a Plan C but Mary walks in before they can head down to the Batcave.

She wants to talk to Kate about their parents' divorce but feels like there isn't much point trying to keep them together.

Catherine comes to see Jacob about finding the coil accelerator. Sophie interupts and, when alone with Jacob, reveals that Kate is Batwoman.

Sophie and the Crows track the weapon's radiation signature to a building but find nothing. Jacob and Catherine talk again back in the HQ.

Sophie comes face to face with Batwoman and tries to explain that if she could do it again, she'd choose to leave the military school with Kate. Suddenly, Kate is behind her and Sophie doesn't know what to do with facing both Kate and Batwoman. She moves toward Batwoman and suddenly a shot is fired and hits Batwoman, knocking her out of the building.

The Crows apprehend Batwoman while Sophie explains the danger the coil accelerator presents to Batwoman. Kate chases after and rescues Julia who is not dead.

Rifle confronts Alice with the fact the weapon didn't work and that his boss, Safiyah, is going to be angry at being duped. Alice sends him on his way. Once he is gone, she looks at the power cell she removed from the weapon.

Kate patches Julia up and they bury the hatchet. Julia leaves to chase Rifle and the weapon down to Santorini. 

Sophie visits Kate in her new property acquisition and gives her the sharpshooter medal she'd saved from being thrown out in military school. Kate tells her that they're not over each other and it's not fair to Tyler.

Sophie goes back to Tyler and declares that he's the only one she loves.

Mary comes to help Kate with the property that she plans on making into a gay bar as it is directly opposite Alessandro's restaurant.

Jacob is in his car driving back from upstate which means that the Jacob Catherine and Sophie talked to was Mouse in disguise. He returns to Alice and unmasks himself. She shows him the vial she got from Rifle in exchange for the weapon and identifies it as poison. She tells him to prepare himself for the maddest tea party Gotham has ever seen.

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