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Magpie is on a jewellery theft spree in Gotham unchecked by Batwoman.

Kate and Reagan have started a relationship. Luke texts an SOS and Kate heads to Bruce's office where Martha Wayne's necklace is being photographed for an exhibition for the Museum of Antiquities.

Luke tells Kate that Dodgson is dangerously ill. She eventually agrees that medical attention is necessary. 

At the graves of Gabi and Beth Kane, Catherine Hamilton oversees the excavation of Beth's grave. As she heads to her car, Alice intercepts her. The playing cards she'd left on Catherine's vanity - a two, an eight, and a three - identified the grave plot Beth had been allegedly buried in. Alice blackmails Catherine for a new top-secret weapon. If it is not delivered, Alice will reveal to Jacob that Catherine convinced him with fake evidence that Beth was dead.

Batwoman brings Dodgson to Mary for medical treatment despite the fact he tried to kill her. 

Luke manages to track Magpie using the city's eagle cams and Batwoman ambushes her as she tries to steal a jewelled egg. Magpie gets away and the Batarang breaks an expensive-looking vase. The security footage catches it all and Batwoman is censured for causing more damage than Magpie.

Sophie shares a report on the bomb that blew up Alice's transport with Jacob and tells him that the weapon is Hamilton Dynamics-designed.

Kate and Reagan have a lunch date and discuss Kate's past with Sophie and Reagan's history with Gotham. Luke texts and Kate has to cut the date short but secures a raincheck for the fundraiser at the Museum of Antiquities for the evening.

Before Kate can get back to Bruce's office, Magpie breaks in, knocks Luke out, and steals Martha Wayne's necklace. Kate swears she'll get it back. Luke reveals the grenade Batwoman took off Magpie is a 3-D printed explosive, loaded with exploding ink. Kate goes to Sophie to find out who around Gotham has been ordering exploding ink.

Three henchmen are sent by Catherine to Alice's hideout but they are caught and bound. Alice cuts a finger off one to send back to Catherine.

Batwoman finds Magpie's nest but it's on a temperature trigger and Batwoman has to hold her breath while she searches for Martha's necklace. While she can't talk, Luke lets her know the Batarang was calibrated for Bruce's arm-length which is why she missed the catch. She finds the necklace but the drawer is filled with feathers and she sneezes, causing the room to blow up. The necklace is returned to Bruce's office and not sent to the museum.

Dodgson wakes up in Mary's clinic and mistakes Mary for Alice in his feverish state. Mary plays along to see if he'll reveal Alice's plan.

Batwoman has the museum staked out and sees Reagan arrive. 

Catherine drives into an alley to pick up her henchmen and the one without the finger reports the mission was a failure and she's on her own with Alice.

Kate meets up with Reagan at the event and runs into Sophie who is working security.

The event's organizer greets Kate and is confused when Kate apologizes about the pearls. She tells her the pearls were delivered right before the event began.

Luke and Kate realize at the same time that the necklace delivered to the museum is a Magpie bomb 3D-printed to look like Martha Wayne's pearls.

Kate has to leave Reagan to change into Batwoman and while she's gone, Magpie pulls the alarm and shut off the lights in the building. Crow Security begins evacuating the guests.

Batwoman confronts Magpie but Magpie diverts her back to protect the guests by shielding them from the exploding pearls with the Batsuit and cape.

As Magpie tries to make her escape, Batwoman hits her with a grappling hook and yanks her off a nearby building and into a water fountain where Sophie and the Crows apprehend her.

Kate re-emerges and confronts the unmasked Magpie who was the photographer the museum hired to take pictures of Martha's pearls.

Reagan catches Kate out on another lie and asks for honesty and Kate admits she's not in a place where she can be completely honest with her. 

After Alice's deadline passes, Catherine visits Jacob and before he can answer Alice phone call, she confesses to paying the DNA analyst to fake the report on the bones to make it look like Beth had died. Jacob tells her to get away from him.

In Mary's clinic, Batwoman returns and Mary shares the information she was able to get out of Dodgson. Batwoman chips Dodgson with a transponder and congratulates Mary on a job well done. 

Back in Bruce's office, Kate and Luke agree that the city now trusts Batwoman. Kate decides that "Kate Kane" needs a job too and she wants to go into real estate, focused on affordable homes for the local population.

Having made her commitment to being Batwoman, Luke unveils a new Bat Signal for Batwoman.

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