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Alice dreams a flashback of being Young Beth and wandering through a basement cellar until she finds the skin of a face floating in a water drainage container.

In the present day, Kate site in Bruce Wayne's office and questions her choice to don the Batman costume. Alice summons her to a nearby rooftop with a Bat Signal and shadow bunnie. Alice wants Dodgson back but Kate isn't willing to give him back until Alice can prove she can go a whole 24 hours without killing anyone. Alice reluctantly agrees and then smashes the Bat Signal.

As a commercial for Elliot Estates plays, a truck breaks down the front gates of a Wayne Enterprises Research Facility and the security guard is killed.

At Crows HQ, Sophie and her husband spar, Sophie thinking about Kate the whole time. When Jacob arrives at work, Sophie kisses her husband and reports to duty.

Jacob reviews the footage of the explosion that allowed Alice to escape Crows' custody. Sophie offers her help if he will okay a new assignment.

Mary's working in her clinic overnight and then pretends to be coming home late from a party when she's greeted by Sophie in her kitchen. Sophie informs her that Jacob has assigned her to Mary as a bodyguard.

Kate finds Tommy Elliot sitting at Bruce's desk, gloating over the fact he is now officially richer than Bruce. He comments on the return of Batman and then leaves an invitation for Bruce with Kate, believing that Bruce is also back in town now.

Kate gets a call from Luke and joins him at the Wayne Research Facility where some powerful tech has been stolen. An emergency is called in and Kate follows the police and finds a mannequin dressed as Batman posed to look like he fell from a great height and died.

Sophie scares off Mary's potential hook-ups. She tries to pump Mary for information on Kate.

Luke shows Kate the tech that was stolen was a weapon capable of killing anyone wearing the Batsuit. Kate realizes that Tommy knows that Bruce is Batman. She plans to go talk to him but Luke encourages her to kick Luke's butt in the Batsuit.

Alice has broken into the Kane home dressed in a Crow uniform and finds an invitation to Tommy's party. She breaks a photo of Jacob, Catherine, and Mary. When a Crow agent comes in, she kills him then realizes that she didn't meet Kate's requirement of 24 hours without killing. 

Kate attends Tommy's party and catches up with Mary and Sophie in the elevator. At the party, she can't find Tommy but runs into Sophie's husband, Tyler, and discovers that Sophie never shared with him how Kate and her were in a relationship. The bartender, Regan, connects with Kate.

Mary confronts Catherine about Sophie, her bodyguard, and demands more space.

Kate chats with Tommy, planting the false fact that the firearm stolen from Wayne Research has a GPS tracker in it.

Jacob gets a phone call and Alice is on the other end playing the cello the way he taught Beth. When the call is traced, he knows she's in his home and rounds up Catherine and Mary to protect them until he can deal with Alice.

As she's leaving, Alice finds a box marked "Kate" and opens it. She finds the map young Kate used to track the search for Beth.

Tommy checks the stolen weapon for a tracker but is interrupted by Kate. She asks how he knows Batman's identity and he discloses that Riddler filled him in then explains that he hates Bruce because Batman saved Tommy's mother's life, forcing him to wait for his inheritance.

In order to lure out Batman, Tommy causes the elevators in his building to malfunction, trapping Jacob, Catherine, Mary, Sophie, Tyler, and others. He kills a group of wait staff by dropping their elevator to prove his point.

In Jacob and Catherine's elevator, he tells her why he rushed them out of the party. 

In Mary, Sophie, and Tyler's elevator, Tyler asks about Kate and Sophie lies to him. Sophie and Tyler pry open the doors and the three get out. Mary examines one of the dropped elevator's victims and calls an EMT over. The woman is in critical condition and was missed on the first examination.

In the Batcave, Luke and Kate discuss whether Bruce will return. When they agree he isn't coming, they revamp the suit and Kate adds the red wig to create Batwoman's look.

She confronts Tommy on the rooftop but he manages to drop Jacob and Catherine's elevator. Batwoman saves it but Tommy drops the elevator she's standing on. When she tries to climb out of the shaft, he steps on her hand to force her to fall but Alice knocks him out from behind. Alice lets Batwoman climb onto the roof and Kate removes the cowl to talk to Alice who admits to killing the Crow in the Kane home.

Tommy gets taken to Arkham. Regan, the bartender, tells Kate she'll call her while Sophie looks on. Catherine returns to her bedroom and finds that Alice has left three playing cards - a two of hearts, an eight of clubs, and a three of diamonds - out on her vanity. She hides them from Jacob when he comes in. 

Gotham recognizes that their new Bat Hero is a woman and Sophie names her Batwoman.

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Batwoman Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

What happened to your Batsuit-knockoff, Kate? Too tight? No give? Or did you JUST realize that you accidentally blew a dog-whistle that you can't un-blow?


I never meant to give this city so much hope.

Kate Kane