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Cat realizes she has to make a decision between her current boyfriend, Gabe, and her ex, Vincent.

Cat's decision becomes more complicated as she's thrust into working with Vincent to save Sam's latest victim and the two find themselves in a compromising position.

Vincent is at J.T.'s place looking for Sam by hacking into the police database. He's trying to prove he doesn't need to use his beastly instincts to solve cases.

Cat tells Tess about the dream when she killed Vincent.

Cat's still trying to fool herself into thinking that by closing the book on cases involving Vincent she will get him out of her mind.

J.T. encourages Vincent to use his beast side to find Sam.

Gabe gives Cat his key.

Vincent finds Sam and Sam tries to mind frak Vincent into thinking there is nothing he can do to stop him. When Cat and Gabe walks in it's right after Vincent starts throttling Sam.

Gabe tries to get Sam to plea out in return for helping to bring his son's killers to justice. Instead he says the next beast candidate is tied up somewhere and will die if he isn't turned loose. It works.

Sam returns to the next beast.

Gabe tells Vincent he can offer Cat a normal life without someone beasting out like Vincent does. He tells Vincent to stay away, for Cat's sake.

Vincent tells J.T. he tried going beast straight for Catherine and it didn't work. J.T. says to be himself and not someone he's not.

Cat keeps saying "Gabe says" as reasoning to do what he thinks is right versus trusting her gut.

As Cat and Vincent argue over finding Xavier and Sam, Xavier crashed into her car. Xavier sees them inside and rushes off. Vincent can't beast out to open the doors because there are too many people around, so they have some time to talk.

Cat and Vincent get out of the car and leave the scene of the accident. Huh.

Xavier is going somewhere to access a server.

Cat tells Vincent not do go after Xavier, but he says he's not doing it for her -- he's doing it for himself.

Catherine arrives at Sam's office and cuffs him to the floor. He pulls out a vial of blood.

Vincent makes the choice to save Xavier rather than to stop the flow of information from the server to Sam. Cat arrives as he's administering CPR. She is in Vincent's arms as Gabe and Tess arrive on the scene.

When being questioned, Sam brings up God as a reason for doing what he's doing.

Vincent and J.T. study Xavier and why he was revived without a trace of beast in him.

Sam is vomiting into his cell toilet. He has upchucked the vial of blood.

Cat goes to Vincent's boat to tell him they need to stop working so closely together. He says fine, but leans in for a kiss, picks her up and carries her to bed.


Beauty and the Beast
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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

J.T.: What's wrong with your place?
Vincent: Well, I don't have facial recognition software or gummy worms.
J.T.: Yep, that's how I lure the ladies.

Gabe: How close are you?
Cat: Ohhh, too close.
Vincent: I think he's talking about Sam.
Cat: Oh. Close!