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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 3, Cat and Tess are determined to figure out who shot Agent Thomas, but things take a turn when a couple from Homeland Security named Bob and Carol are put on the case and kick the women off the case. Cat, of course, does not take this sitting down and she continues to research what happened, while Tess takes a back seat because she's in the running for captain and can't risk it. 

Cat gets Vincent involved and investigates Agent Thomas's hospital room, but is caught by Bob and Carol and they're both taken into the station. At the station, Bob and Carol see themselves in Vincent and Cat and they agree to let them join the case. Carol and Cat after a flash drive which could help them figure out who killed the agent, while Bob and Vincent stay behind and watch the women work. After they get the drive, and after everyone leaves, JT goes to put the drive in the computer but is shot in the hand.

Vincent and Cat start to put things together and figure out Bob and Carol are not Homeland Security and they are actually enhanced humans. It turns out, Bob and Carol  are able to see things in slow motion and are able to anticipate what someone is getting ready to do, which comes in handy when they are fighting. Vincent and Cat take them on, but Bob and Carol don't anticipate Vincent going beast mode on them and they end up leaving quickly. 

Meanwhile, JT has been trying to figure out if he will have super-human abilities and tries to keep his research from Tess, but of course, Tess is able to read JT and figure out what he's doing. In the end, after Tess gets captain, she jokes with JT that maybe he has the ability to heal since he doesn't feel like he needs pain pills. JT goes to check the hand which was shot and it has miraculously healed. 

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

[talking to Cat] You keep looking for your greater purpose, this could be it.


Cat: He was shot and killed in a locked hospital room.
Tess. The only think I can think of is. [Cat interrupts]
Cat: Another serum enhanced super-human took him out.