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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 4, Cat and Vincent go to a marriage counselor to help them be more opened with each other and understanding of their needs. As they recount the case they're working on, trying to figure out of a heart transplant patient is one of the people behind the experiments, the therapist is able to figure out they're not being completely honest. The therapist is able to help Cat and Vincent in discovering that they work perfectly together and, while they may have disagreements, they always find their way back to each other. The couple agrees with the therapist and goes on their way home, but Cat can't help but question the heart transplant. 

After finding out the heart being transplanted is from someone with advanced DNA, Cat is determined to keep it from going to someone else until they know for sure it won't affect the recipient. Cat does some digging and finds out the wife of the man getting the transplant doesn't want him to have the heart because she doesn't want her husband to live. Cat's able to track her down and arrest her, but she's no closer to finding out who's doing the experiments. 

Meanwhile, JT's healing abilities continue to amaze him and when he throws himself down a flight of stairs, he's again able to heal himself quickly. Even though he's excited about the healing, he can't help but feel nervous about what this may lead to, but Tess is there by his side and promises to be there for him.

You still have time to catch up! You can watch Beauty and the Beast online now via TV Fanatic anytime and make up your own conclusions about what's going on with these experiments. 

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