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On Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 5, Cat is still obsessing over Bob and Carol. Vincent tries to help her move on from them, but she's convinced they're back and they are after them. Cat and Vincent decide to spend the day apart, to adhere to the rules their counselor gave them, and Cat is determined to look into Bob and Carol's whereabouts. Unfortunately, Tess has a different idea for her and gives Cat a new partner and a new case which doesn't involve beasts or assassins. 

Cat runs with it, until she realizes Carol is trying to get her distracted. Cat is lured to an abandoned building by Carol and the women fight with each other. Carol reveals this was all a part of her and Bob's plan, they wanted to separate Cat and Vincent because they need Vincent. Hearing this angers Cat and she is able to get the upper hand on Carol and have her arrested.

Meanwhile, Vincent is lured into the woods by Bob and is being tested on his beast abilities. Bob is able to subdue Vincent and get hooks him up to the back of his truck. JT shows up, stands in front of the truck and gets ran over which causes Vincent's beast side to come out. Vincent is able to attack Bob and he snaps his neck. JT is able to get Vincent back on track and remind him of his love for Cat which causes Vincent to calm himself down and turn the beast mode off. 

In the end, when Cat gets ready to tell the bad news to Carol about Bob, Carol stops her own heart and dies. Cat and Vincent finally get a moment to themselves to relax and JT realizes he may have overloaded his abilities and he's cured.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Cat: Seriously, babysitting duty! This is just not about distracting me from Vincent, is it?
Tess: Alright. OK, so we buried the lead. Come on Cat, ever since I took over this precinct, I'm under a ton of pressure to get the numbers up, and that means I need the next generation of detectives up to snuff.

Vincent: Do you know how many blonde women there are in Manhattan?
Cat: OK, but you have to admit that could have been Carol.