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Aidan and Suren come up with a plan to eliminate Bishop's orphaned vampires on this episode of Being Human.

Sally is offered the Reaper's job, or she can be shredded.

Josh's sister, Emma, comes to rescue him from the doldrums of his breakup with Nora.

Sally goes to Stevie for help on how to shred the Reaper.

Emma invites Josh for drinks and when he shows up early, his ex Julia is there.

Aidan tries to determine a way to save Henry and while still killing his orphan friends to please Mother.

Stevie is reaped.

Julia and Josh make up for the past.

Sally's training will continue.




Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Emma: Am I gonna see balls?
Josh: I'm so glad you're here. My beautiful baby sister. I need someone who's required to love me.

So this is what you do? You radically mind screw ghosts before you reap them? Classy.