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Aidan attempts to save Henry's life on Being Human this week.

Josh's friend, who died the night he was turned, shows up for a visit. He has been following Julia since his death and wants to see the look in her eyes as she looks with love upon Josh.

Aidan brings Henry to the house to recuperate and it goes all wrong. The girls lose their glamour and Aidan has to kill them. Henry leaves in great form.

Sally is confused by the Reaper and she realizes too late that nobody can see the reaper but her. Sally is the reaper.


Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Stu: I heard you're a werewolf. You're kind of a big deal back home.
Josh: Great. I'm huge in Ithaca.

Aidan: I made him, Josh. He's my son.
Josh: Did you make him without skin?!