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On Being Human this week:

- Henry isn't there to turn on Aidan, but to offer his help.

- Julia's best friend comes to town, and she wants to tell her about Josh.

- Josh seriously considers killing Ray until he sees he has a family.

- Aidan stabs Henry and sends him back to Mother for his own safety.

- Suren continues to crave blood and act foolishly.

- Aidan turns to Hadley for help.

- Sally tries to get Zoe to forgive her.

- The eclipse causes horrible things to happen.

- Suren goes home.

- Julia dies.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

I gotta shackle myself in a steel paneled basement once a month, but we all got something, right?


Let me help you. I managed to stay hidden for the better part of a century. Together we have a chance. But you have to leave her behind.