Being Human Review: Hearts Torn To Pieces

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"Partial Eclipse of the Heart" was another in a long line of strong episodes for Being Human. If more serious in nature than we are used to, that didn't distract from the entertainment. Lives were changed and it set out a nice path toward what will have to be a brilliant season finale.

Aiden and Suren: I was so happy that Henry wasn't there to hurt Aidan, but to offer to help. Why wouldn't Aidan listen to him? Was Suren worth running from everything? She was still in the room throwing a temper tantrum because she couldn't have blood. She hadn't had blood for 80 years, and a couple days was going to kill her? Aidan had to face it: she was definitely not worth it. She was a fantasy that he had created years ago and didn't live up to what he remembered.

Aidan made some sort of plan with Hadley to protect him and Suren until they could escape Mother's clutches, but it was too late. Suren chose vampire life over that with Aidan. What will that mean for Aidan? He's still banished. Since he won't be seeing Suren, he could return home. Henry would certainly take the chance for a visit. Might it mean his story will progress beyond vampire politics and into something - anything - more? Maybe he can just take another stab at being human!

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Josh and Julia: Oh. My. God. Josh wanted so badly to tell Julia the truth about who he was, and when the eclipse came, he was literally forced. Right in front of her eyes he became half a werewolf. In front of so many other people Julia was squashed like a bug and he had to leave her again. As a couple they were just doomed. Too see so much come between two people was almost exhausting.

Even though I new as it was happening, they did get me in the end. I thought Julia survived. She loved Josh enough that she would have stayed with him, even knowing he was a werewolf. But they never got the chance. Her door appeared within moments of her death. Although the story seemed contrived when she first came back, the way it played out was very satisfying. Josh learned a lot about himself and trusting others. He remembered what it was to be human. It could change his relationship with Nora, should he decide to give her another chance.

Sally and Zoe: Sally was trying desperately to atone for her sins and find accord with Zoe. After reciting as much prose as she learned in her short life into Zoe's ear, Zoe finally called uncle. The eclipse messed with the supernatural realm and the ghosts in limbo came back. Sally was horrified to find that those she shredded were lost there, almost held prisoner. To Nick's knowledge, they may never escape.

Danny told her not everyone there was shredded, some were foul souls and others just chose the wrong door. It seems the afterlife can have a cruel sense of humor. Although Nick lied to Zoe about where he was, it was what Zoe needed to hear. Danny finally had some of his humanity back and for a few brief minutes gave Sally what she needed to end their life together. He admitted what he had done and deserved.

Aidan, Josh and Sally were on separate, yet similar trajectories this week as they all faced their pasts as a way to make room for their future. Not one of them could have guessed the ending of their story, and I hope next week they get to spend some friend time. After what they've just been through, they need it. Few others have a better understanding than they do of each other.

Partial Eclipse of the Heart Review

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