Being Human Review: Fear the Reaper!

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"When I Think About You I Shred Myself" did a job on my brain pan. Seriously, my mind is blown. I could have predicted exactly nothing about this week's episode. Fan-friggin-tastic!

Aidan and Henry: Holy cow. Any thoughts that Henry might have been fake flayed by Suren were certainly laid to rest this week when Aidan took him to the house sans skin. Wow, did it look painful. It was a great opportunity to revisit some of their past together, including Henry taking bullets out of Aidan during a war - the Civil one perhaps?

Henry was a doctor and amazed that Aidan healed so quickly. Soon he was expressing a desire to be whatever Aidan was. That worked out well when Henry saved Aidan from a rogue vampire killer in the army hospital. How they became father and son was as interesting a story as anythingelse so far. Allow me a moment to say, hot vampire couple alert. I don't know if they ever went there, but I'd not be upset if they did. Aidan and Henry smolder in the same camera frame. Just sayin'.

Aidan in Action

Sally and the Reaper: Sally was having a really hard time understanding how a Reaper would know when someone is lying. Reaper takes the Dr. House approach; they're all lying. Soon, Boner was standing in her kitchen and she had to deal with the fact that Stevie was telling the truth when he said he didn't shred him. Ouch.

Sally went to Zoe and Nick to try to find out what they might know about the Reaper, but Zoe couldn't see the Reaper and thought the great death brought upon her group was due to Sally. What the Hell? It never dawned on me that Sally was the only one who could see the Reaper.

Sally was the reaper!! To her credit, she picked a hot dude to mind frak herself. She turned herself into a possessed ghost. Who knew that was even possible? Sure, a ghost can inhabit a human's body, but to be possessed... or something? Absolutely amazing and an incredible Exorcist-like final scene.

Excuse me while I tip my hat to the U.S. crew. There was never anything even remotely similar to what we are witnessing this year on Being Human on the UK version. The line in the sand has clearly been drawn.

Josh, Julia and Stu: Much like Josh, I would have wished that Stu had already found his door and been gone from earth. At least that was his reasoning for not looking for him once he knew ghosts were real. After such a horrific death, you'd think his door would have come quickly. There appears to be no method to what intangible madness keeps a ghost from their door.

I thought Stu came back because he knew so much about Josh and Julia. The abrupt departure of Nora is still bugging me. She deserved a better send off than she got. Was it all to play up this relationship with Julia? While I really enjoyed meeting Stu, guest star Jay Baruchel, I didn't enjoy his body possession of Josh during an unplanned love making session with Julia. As it turned out there was a bit of "I wanted to be just like you Josh" playing in Stu's head since high school.

The episode ended abruptly and without closure for any of the three character arcs. That's good news, because it leaves room for them to tackle them together next week. We're on Super Strong Episode 4. What say you?

When I Think About You I Shred Myself Review

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Being Human Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Stu: I heard you're a werewolf. You're kind of a big deal back home.
Josh: Great. I'm huge in Ithaca.

Aidan: I made him, Josh. He's my son.
Josh: Did you make him without skin?!