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Nora and Josh prepare for their wedding day.

Josh feels badly that Emily isn't there for the big day.

Sally is rotting quite rapidly.

Aidan acknowledges Kat is his girlfriend.

Aidan, Sally, and Josh prepare to fight Donna.

Nora has been shopping to find just the right outfit for Sally to haunt them in.

Sally dies again, but this time with her best friends at her side and ready to go with her into the spirit world.

Josh goes in blind since he doesn't have his "spiritual" side back because he hasn't changed into his wolf yet.

Ray greets them at the soup kitchen.

Josh is forced to beat Ray to death again, but he turns into a werewolf in the process.

Josh cuts off Ray's head.

Sally defeats Donna and returns as a well-dressed ghost.

Emily shows up, forgives Josh and demands they have their wedding.

Someone followed Sally back from beyond.

Kenny didn't make the turn as we hoped.

Liam followed Nora and Josh on their honeymoon.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Aidan's a good guy. Or, he tries to be. You could do a lot worse.


Why is it I'm less surprised about your mastery of Jewish wedding tradition than I am of someone else cooking food in my kitchen?