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Liam tells Josh and Nora vampire blood is not a cure for the virus, but a curse.

Sally's decomposing body is still rotting on her bed, and ghost Sally talks to herself.

Kenny wakes up after Sally warns him and keep the secret from Kat.

Kat finds Sally's rotting corpse.

Aidan thinks that drinking blood after having the cure is what caused the mutant children like Kenny.

Sally screams at Liam to let go of Kenny and it works. Aidan kills him.

Kenny was feeding on Nora while Liam and Aidan fought.

Josh didn't get to kill Liam, so he cannot be cured again.

Aidan realizes he has to 'take care' of Kenny.

Aidan asks for Blakes's help in compelling Kat to forget what she saw.

Aidan remembers what happened to his wife and can't kill Kenny.

Josh turns for the first time since he was changed by a pureblood and he doesn't change back with daylight.

Aidan is walking down the street and someone who looks exactly like Suzanna steps out of a cab.

Donna shows up to Sally after the gang buries her and seemingly drags her to hell through the spot where she originally died at the bottom of the stairs.

Being Human
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Being Human Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm running out of ways to trust your girlish need for privacy.


Liam: I've made my peace with your desire to co-mingle with the vampires, but this connection that you've made with your blood - it's deadly.
Nora: Because of how it cures the virus?
Liam: It's not a cure, it's a curse.