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A one year time jump means a lot has happened since we've last checked in with Mary Jane.

Just two days after she lands in New York, she's contacting a high profile matchmaker. She has self-assessments and rules.

She and Kara go out for the night to a comedy club, where Kara finds a piece, but MJ is on her last leg. No more trying out men in her bed.

Frantic phone call to Kara about dying in her bed.

She puts a rubber band onto London's wrist. How sexy was that?

MJ never told anyone, not even Kara, that she was fired fron SNC.

During her sleepover, MJ asked London to tell her he loved her.

Mary Jane was brought to Great Day USA to be groomed for Rhonda Sales' job.

She makes a good first impression and seems to get on her good side. Rhonda is MJ's idol.

Rhonda hooks MJ up with her personal stylist.

Rhonda thinks Garrett is a toddler and can't believe he's been hired to run the show. She also shared with Kara that Garrett says a lot of things.

London is in the audience of MJ's next segment, and it freaks her out. But he's really a nice guy who just wants to get to know her.

Still, she's so certain she wants a husband secured by a $20k matchmaker she won't give him a try.

Niecy doesn't want to do anything in regard to the tasering, even if it's just helping Patrick write a statement.

Kara catches up with Ty to find out what's up with Rhonda. After a bribe, he tells her Rhonda's deal didn't close. That's when it becomes clear why MJ is at Good Day USA.

Mary Jane has a really good interiew with upcoming rapper Dave East and and gets a scoop on his love life.

When Garrett sets up a lunch with MJ, Kara assures MJ she might be at the anchor chair by spring.

Before she leaves for drinks, MJ gets a ticket at the office to the comedy club from a guy named Lee.

Back in Atlanta, Niecy is forced to listen to the statement Patrick has written. It was through that statement that we learned what happened after the tase.

MJ is on her way out for drinks after work when she gets a call from the matchmaker. She can't help her because MJ has a lot of work to do on herself, and it's not as easy as writing a $20k check.

MJ goes to the comedy club. She almost walks out, but Lee catches her.

She wishes they could have a do-over, and he assures her they can. They do.

MJ wakes up for work at the dismal hour of 3:45 am and writes Lee a note, "Make yourself at home, but don't get too comfortable."

It's her lunch day with Garrett.

When she gets back, she tells Kara it's pretty much a done deal, and then Rhonda interrupts.

Garrett is pitting them against each other. He's trying to drive ratings with a rivalry.

When Rhonda called Garrett a toddler, that was putting it mildly.


Being Mary Jane
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Being Mary Jane Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm just searching for a little escape before reality bites me in the morning. So, London, are you in?


MJ: I signed with a professional matchmaker.
Kara: A matchmaker? Is this one of your white friends' suggestions? It was Molly, wasn't it.
MJ: She caters to diverse, professional women like me.
Kara: How does that differ from a dating app?
NJ: It cost $20,000.