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It's the one-year anniversary since Ben and Lauren met on The Bachelor, and they want to do something for others as a way to celebrate. After asking for submissions on Lauren's blog, Ben and Lauren decide to help a woman named Ranya remodel her house. Ranya runs a charity that helps veterans after they come home from war with food, healthcare and life necessities. 

Ben and Lauren both call friends to help with the project, including the infamous Bachelor twins, Emily and Haley, who are more concerned with dating Ben's friends than working on the house. They need more help, and recruit soldiers that Ranya has worked with to speed up the process. After spending the day at the spa (another gift from Ben and Lauren), she is blindfolded and taken to her new house, which includes the greenhouse she's always wanted. An emotional Ranya is shocked and thrilled that she can now start feeding even more soldiers with her new resources. 

Ben also takes dance lessons as another present for Lauren, and surprises her with a dance floor and dinner in their backyard. After recently postponing the wedding, he reassures her that he wants to spend his life with her and even wonders if he really had cold feet.

Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?
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