Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 6 Review: What a Difference a Year Makes

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On Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? Season 1 Episode 6, Ben and Lauren celebrate their anniversary by remodeling a charitable woman's house. And people say they were too boring for a reality show.

Lauren Needed A Drink! - Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

It's been almost a year since Ben and Lauren met, so it's safe to assume the contract ABC makes all of The Bachelor couples sign to stay together is about to expire. (I'm kidding! Maybe!)

To celebrate (the day that Ben started making out with 20 different woman), they're going to pretend their show is on HGTV instead of Freeform and help remodel a woman's house who has dedicated her life to supporting veterans. 

Naturally, Lauren called the twins to help her. Hopefully the know more about construction than they do about vocabulary. 

The twins


They look like Tara Reid, but completely sober.


Ben's celebration dance – "the higgi" – is painful to watch. 

 The definition of #blessed is that Ben decided not to compete on Dancing With The Stars.

It's time for the Higgi.


There is no amount of money Ben could pay to learn how to dance.

Ben dancing the higgie

Secret is sponsoring the remodel, and it would be a waste of a drinking game opportunity if the audience didn't drink every time Ben and Lauren casually mentioned (or used) Secret.

Ben wants to surprise Ranya by jumping out a box. They decide against it (probably because it made him look like a stripper).

This woman has NO IDEA who Ben and Lauren are, and it's amazing. She does, however, seem like an extremely good person who deserves help.

I'll be damned if Ben and Lauren make me cry. (Again... I'm ashamed, but their proposal was cute). 

The twins are more concerned with picking up guys and avoiding bees than remodeling the house. Shocking.

We've been called homewreckers before, so it's not even like a big deal.


It would be a waste of talent if ABC (or Freeform) didn't just give them their own dating show.

For Lauren it's Benver, but for us it's Menver.


Ben and Lauren repeatedly say they are so happy that the other person wants to help someone for their anniversary. It makes sense that Ben wants to marry someone who has "a lot of depth." I mean, he did go on The Bachelor to find love. It's not like he went on Dating Naked!

The house, and the greenhouse, look great. The Twins must be exhausted from all of their hard work.

Why isn't it green?


When Ben picked up a strawberry to feed to Lauren at their anniversary dinner, I thought it was a rose, and worried the level of corniness was off the charts.

Fear not, the newly engraved wings (that Lauren originally gave to Ben when she got out of the limo on night one of The Bachelor) took care of that.

Ben and Lauren

It also turns out normal people do not eat chocolate covered strawberries as sexy as Serena van der Woodsen.

They're easy to mock, but also seemed more in love this episode than the rest of the season. I'm sure the trip to Vegas for their Bachelor/Bachelorette parties will also help their relationship.

There's only one episode of Ben and Lauren left this season, so make sure you watch Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After? online via TV Fanatic before the finale.

What a Difference a Year Makes Review

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