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In a flashback, Chuck and Jimmy prepare for a reconciliation dinner with Chuck's ex-wife Rebecca. Chuck, who's never told Rebecca about his "condition," makes up a story about his power being out. The dinner goes well, until Rebecca gets a call on her cell phone. Chuck freaks out, still refusing to own up to his lie, and Rebecca leaves.

Jimmy goes to Mike's vet contact Caldera and asks for someone to help him with the Chuck situation.

Kim reassures the Mesa Verde people about the Jimmy situation, and they are very satisfied.

Howard tries to talk Chuck out of testifying, citing the possible PR blow back on the law firm. Chuck refuses to back down.

The hearing begins, where Kim brings to light during Howard's testimony that Chuck is the reason the firm did not hire Jimmy as an associate.

The tape is played in court.

Chuck enters the room and begins his testimony.

Jimmy brings Rebecca into the court room, unnerving Chuck.

Jimmy begins to cross examine Chuck.

Jimmy contends that Chuck's hatred for him is what led Jimmy to lie about the Mesa Verde situation.

Jimmy presses Chuck on his condition, getting him to admit he can tell when a any electricity is present he can feel it intensely.

Jimmy then reveals that an associate planted a battery in his jacket pocket for nearly two hours and Chuck felt nothing.

Chuck loses it, and slams Jimmy from his childhood on, revealing his deep personal hatred towards Jimmy.





Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Jimmy: You gotta do something. You can't let her leave like this. Just tell her what's going on.
Chuck: No. No.
Jimmy: She'll understand. Would you rather she think you're a raging prick than know the truth?
Chuck: No.
Jimmy: Look, if you won't tell her then I will.
Chuck: No no no! You will not tell her. You WILL not tell her!

Jimmy: Chuck, you sure this is the right play? I mean, in my experience, the bigger the lie, the harder it can be to dig out.
Chuck: I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.