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Mike walks out of the building in his mysterious location.

He tries to leave but his wounds prove too much to handle and his phone is dead.

He agrees to let Gus' people take care of him.

Saul and Mr. Acker pretend that the construction crew has the wrong site address, which delays Mesa Verde's construction.

Kevin expresses his frustration with Mr. Acker as Kim tells him she should be off the case. Kevin wants to keep her on.

Mike gets stitched up and refuses the offer to contact his family.

Mike walks back to rest and sees a bunch of school children run by.

Jimmy gets a call from Howard who wants to see if Jimmy has given the job offer any more thought.

Jimmy says he has and then hangs up.

Kim role plays her meeting with Kevin at Jimmy's insistence.

Mike builds a battery and calls Gus. Gus hangs up on him.

Saul continues to delay Mesa Verde's construction with many schemes and cons.

Kevin refuses to entertain the idea of moving construction to a different location.

Jimmy tells Kim that there is no reason to continue with their plan, and Kim decides she wants to keep trying.

Jimmy calls Mike to do recon on Kevin but Mike refuses.

Jimmy's hired investigator finds nothing on Kevin and claims he is clean.

Kim finds something to use against Kevin in the photos the investigator took.

Rich reveals he believes Kim is in with Saul and Kim defends herself in front of the office.

Mike meets with Gus and Gus reveals why he wants to work with Mike.

Better Call Saul
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