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Young Kim waits for her mother to pick her up from school after band practice.

Her mother is drunk and driving so Kim refuses to get in the car and walks home.

In present day, Saul enlists the help of his student film crew to make a commercial.

They begin filming the commercial, but Kim comes by and asks Saul to stop. He agrees, despite being upset they aren't moving forward with the scheme.

Nacho meets up with Gus and Mike and gives them an update on all of Lalo's plans.

Gus tells Nacho that he now reports to Mike. Nacho tries to warn Mike about working with Gus.

Kim apologizes to Rich for her behavior the previous day, and Rich invites her to lunch to prove to the office they are still a team.

Mike poses as a private eye to get information from a librarian.

Saul publicly embarrasses Howard in front of his business associates.

Mike secretly gives the police some information on Lalo's vehicle, prompting them to investigate him.

Saul comes in and proceeds with the initial plan, infuriating Kim.

Kevin agrees to Saul's demands.

Kim comes home and has it out with Jimmy, then proposes something unexpected.

Better Call Saul
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