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Saul looks around an antique store and tests out the weight and ability to throw a bunch of items.

He buys some bowling balls.

Jimmy and Kim wake up and brush their teeth.

Kim cleans up the broken beer bottles they threw off the balcony the previous night.

Saul deals with two clients whose bail has been denied.

Saul has lunch with Howard, and Howard offers him a job at HHM.

Kim tries to convince Mesa Verde to move their construction to a different site but they don't agree.

Stacey doesn't let Mike watch his granddaughter.

Kim watches Saul work as a trial lawyer.

Kim enlists Saul's help to deal with her Mesa Verde problem and help Mr. Acker.

Gus tells Lyle the fryers aren't clean enough. Lyle begins cleaning them.

Hank and Gomez stake out the drop sites and chase a suspect.

The suspect gets away and Hank is disappointed, despite the fact that they got $700,000 dollars and three other arrests that night.

Saul goes to Mr. Acker and convinces him to let Saul represent him against Mesa Verde.

Jimmy throws the bowling balls he bought at the antique store onto Howard's car.

Mike gets himself beat up by some thugs.

Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

You twerps even know who I am? I am Saul Goodman.


We should have hired you.