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Jimmy, under the guise of Gene Takavic, becomes paranoid and flees from the area.

After calling into work, he decides to return to town after a couple of days lying low, since no one has been asking for him.

Gene returns to work and has an encounter with someone who recognizes him as Saul Goodman.

Gene calls the cleaner to get a fresh start, but decides to fix the situation on his own instead.

In present day, Jimmy signs up to practice law under the name of Saul Goodman, despite Kim's reservations.

Lalo hears from Nacho that there are rumours on the street that their product has been tampered with.

Kim gives Jimmy some gifts for his reinstatement and they discuss Jimmy's future as Saul.

Gus brings Lalo in to feed him a fabricated story about a chicken chiller to cover for the creation of his lab.

Jimmy begins created a client base by promoting himself with a free phone giveaway.

Mike sends the rest of the construction team home.

Gus halts production on the lab while Lalo is in town and Mike walks away.

Jimmy uses his film student friends to promote his new persona.

Kim struggles to get her client to accept a plea deal and turns down Jimmy's idea to con him into accepting it.

Kim dismisses Jimmy but does use his idea to trick her client into accepting the plea deal.

Better Call Saul
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