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Saul offers a discount for non-violent felonies over the next two weeks.

Two guys take advantage of this discount and go off on a vandalous night.

Gus intimidates Nacho by threatening Nacho's father.

Nacho agrees to get Lalo to trust him so he can give information to Gus.

Jimm starts his day as Saul on the phone talking with clients.

Kim leaves for work.

Jimmy takes Kim to a nice house to look at and fantasize about their future.

Jimmy admits to offering the discount and says it was a mistake.

Kim tells Jimmy that she doesn't want him to suggest lying to her clients.

Lalo visits Hector to discuss Gus.

Mike agrees to watch his granddaughter for the day.

Mike yells at his granddaughter after she asks too many questions about her father, which upsets Mike.

Lalo and Nacho play cards with the crew, but then a situation arises.

Krazy-8 gets arrested and Nacho earns Lalo's trust by retrieving the drugs from the house Krazy-8 was busted at before the cops get them.

Saul makes the rounds at the courthouse and runs into Howard.

Howard asks Jimmy to lunch.

Saul tries to get Suzanne to give him twenty minutes to get through all his cases but she refuses.

Lalo discusses Krazy-8's arrest with Nacho.

Saul rigs the elevator by bribing the maintenance so he can have his meeting with Suzanne and they get through most the cases together.

Nacho picks up Jimmy.



Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Gus: Gain his confidence. Make him rely on you.
Nacho: How?
Gus: Find a way.

Saul Goodman, speedy justice for you.