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Ants devour the ice cream cone Jimmy left on the sidewalk.

Nacho takes Saul to meet Lalo.

Lalo and Nacho explain what they require of Saul.

Mike drinks at the bar and gets drunk.

Mike breaks a thugs arm for trying to mug him.

Jimmy and Kim talk out on their balcony.

Nacho's father comes to visit him.

Mr. Varga reveals he will not run from Nacho's mistakes.

Kim works on her pro bono cases but gets called in to take care of a problem for Mesa Verde.

Saul meets with Krazy-8.

Hank and Steve show up to question Krazy-8.

Saul strikes a deal with the DEA for Krazy-8's information.

Kim fails at convincing Mr. Acker to move out of his house and he insults her.

Nacho tells Gus that there has to be a stash at the drop sites Krazy-8 told the DEA about or Lalo will know there is a rat.

Jimmy and Kim share a moment to vent their frustrations on the balcony.


Better Call Saul
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Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Lalo: You’re the guy for this.
Saul: That’s just…that’s terrific. That’s the only word for it.

Give this up. Go to the police. Face what you've done. If you want to run, run.

Manuel Varga