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When Ted's babysitter is sick, he brings Rose to work with him.  When he finds out Veridian's daycare program uses the children as slave labor, he brings Rose around with him all day.  After a meeting on a new weapon, Ted realizes Veridian is no place for a kid and leaves her in the care of both Linda and Veronica.  Also, someone in Verdian keeps setting off the alarm, causing rooms to be sealed and people to put on their HAZMAT suits.

While with Linda, Rose and her get along great and she even draws a picture of Ted, Linda and Rose all holding hands like a family.  Ted, meanwhile, is getting very jealous when he finds out Linda's ex is back in town and wants to get back with her.  During a false alarm, Ted and Linda end up making out through their HAZMAT suits.  Ted goes to confront Linda afterwards and when he realizes how close Rose has gotten to Linda, he doesn't want another woman to walk out on Rose again.  He tells Linda it can never be.

When Rose is with Veronica, hilarity ensues.  Veronica quickly realizes that people cannot get emotional in front of children when her boss is unable to scream in front of Rose.  Veronica then decides to use Rose to fire the guys that are setting off the false alarms.  First she has Rose sit there while she fires the first guy.  For the second guy she actually has Rose do the firing!  She even gives Rose a power hairdo before Ted comes and rescues her.

Meanwhile, after Rose points out that Lem is bossing Phil around, the two of them enter a power struggle the rest of the episode.  They try rotating who's the boss every ten minutes, but eventually work it out when there's only one hazmat suit left during an alarm.  They decide to be a team and share it.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Veronica: Well, you're always welcome here, daughter of Ted.
Ted: Rose.
Veronica: I know her name.
Ted: Rose's name.
Veronica: You know, sweetheart, sometimes your father...
Rose: Ted.
Veronica: I know everyone's name.

Ted: Did you even notice I have my daughter with me today?
Veronica: I look at people's eyes when I talk to them, Ted, not at their waists