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Lem quickly discovers that lights stopped turning on for him, water fountains stopped working, and elevator doors stopped opening.  That's because Veridian Dynamics installed new motion sensors that go off light reflected off skin and do not detect black people.  But don't worry, because it's just ignoring them, it's not racists, it's just indifference.   Off Ted and Phil's encouragement, Lem gathers up a group of black guys and they go to talk to Veronica.  Her beauty quickly shuts them up and she convinces them they're working 24 hours a day on a solution.

Veridian then hires a "white shadow" to follow around teach black guy to make sure the sensors work.  However, soon the company realizes it can't just hire white shadows and also has to hire black shadows and then a white shadow for that black shadow.  An infinite loop.  Lem comes up with a solution by making a presentation to corporate that shows how expensive it will be to continue this hiring process.  They decide to go back to their old motion sensor.

Meanwhile, Linda is dating Don and Ted is extremely jealous, although he won't admit it.  He ends up going on a racquetball man date with Don and they hit it off.  When he tells Linda how much he likes Don, she gets angry.  As per Veronica's suggestion, he pretends he hates Don and Linda seems happy.  Ted then attempt sto sleep with Veronica and even calls her Linda... she tells him no, but maybe another time.

Better Off Ted
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Better Off Ted Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Phil: Did you put hydrochloric acid in this mug?
Lem: Oh, yeah. I was trying to get the stains out.
Phil: You know, soap would work, and it wouldn't kill someone if they accidentally drank it.
Lem: But soap leaves a film

Phil: Lem, you ever get the feeling the ooplasm cultures are looking up at you, worshiping you like a vengeful god?
Lem: No. Cytoplasm culture sometimes, but never ooplasm.
Phil: Sometimes you are a complete stranger to me