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Brian dreams about performing in the Peach Pit and putting out a fire, but he wakes up just before kissing Tori. 

Brian offers Zach a job on the set as a production assistant. 

Jennie and Wyatt continue their relationship, while Anna and Ian continue to grow closer. 

Christine informs the cast that production will be put on hold until the cast stalker is found. The cast gets together to try to figure out who the stalker is and Tori deduces that it's Jamie Walters. 

They all travel to see Jamie, who is playing at a bar and accuse him of sending them the mutilated dolls and starting the fire on set. While there the news breaks that the stalker was the man who owned the red dress Tori stole during the reunion. 

Christine asks Gabrielle to sign a paper that she agrees to a consensual relationship with her. Later, after sharing a kiss with Ian, Anna asks him to sign one as well. 

Tori struggles with an intimate scene she has with Brian and hires an intimacy coach. 

Jason tells Jennie that he is thinking about leaving Camille. 

Gabrielle tells the cast about her feelings for woman, and Brian tells them that Zach is his son. 

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BH90210 Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Anna: Are you nervous?
Ian: Nervous? Heck no. Playing Steve Sanders is like falling off a bike.

Shannen: You guys, I can't believe that we're really doing this!
Jennie: I know. No turning back now, bitches!
Tori: Nope! The cameras are rolling. I should have gotten more botox.