Silver City Move - Billy the Kid
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Antrim is injured and his partner Norm is killed in a silver-mining explosion. Afterward, Antrim exclaims that he's done with mining. Jesse, who beat Billy at poker, invites him to do some practice shooting. Ash Upson checks in on Billy, who is having trouble finding work in Silver City. Ash offers to introduce Billy to rancher Billy Matthews. Jesse invites Billy to try his side hustle: cattle rustling. Jesse gives Billy his old rifle and Billy blasts a fence post with it. Kathleen tells Billy she's stashing savings about which she doesn't want Antrim to know. Joe is sick with a bad cough. Billy reads to Joe until Joe falls asleep. Matthews won't hire Billy because he's in with the Santa Fe Ring and he knows Ash is investigating them. The doctor diagnoses Billy as having consumption. To help pay for Joe's doctor bills, Billy takes Jesse up on his offer to rustle cattle from Matthews. The consumption claims Joe. Antrim shows up late to Joe's funeral and claims he's changed. Billy catches Antrim stealing the money that Kathleen has stashed. Billy drives him out into the rain at gunpoint and out of their lives. Despite all that's happened to them, Kathleen remains optimistic. Kathleen also catches consumption. It claims her as well, leaving Billy alone. Jesse recruits Billy for a burglary of a Chinese laundry. The armed owner catches them but a shot Jesse runs off, leaving Billy to take the fall. He's sentenced to three years in jail for attemped burglary, largely because of his connection to Ash. Billy fakes hanging himself, then grabs the sheriff's gun, locks him in the cell, and strides off, escaping into the night.

Billy the Kid
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Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

A shame [Antrim's] head hadn't been an inch the other way.

Billy [to Kathleen]

Mining's not for me. It never was. That's why you get educated, so you don't end up digging the earth like some animal.