New Acquaintance - Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 4
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A man named Alias gets the drop on fugitive Billy. Alias adopted that name after being arrested multiple times. Billy realizes that Alias is a little crazy. Alias invites Billy to go to Texas with him. Billy renames himself, William H. Bonney. A potential employer, Mr. Hooker, demands that Billy sing him an Irish song. Afterward, Hooker hires them as cowboys. Alice, a redheaded barmaid, develops an interest in him and takes him to bed. Alias plans to steal horses from Fort Grant that Hooker was going to rustle anyway. Billy goes to get the horse he stole re-shoed and the local blacksmith is suspicious of him, especially after seeing the brand on the horse. Alias tells Billy that he shot Hooker, who found out about the horse theft, and now he's leaving. The blacksmith calls Billy a horse thief in front of the whole bar. They struggle and Billy accidentally kills him. So Billy has to flee on his new horse. But then, after talking with his dead father, he returns to town to face the consequences. Billy pleads self-defense. Ash comes to visit the jailed Billy. Billy sends a message to Alice with him. Billy uses a bobby pin to pick the lock and escape. Indians surprise Billy and take his horse. So he proceeds on foot. He grows delirious, shooting at tumbleweeds, then collapses in the desert. He wakes up in New Mexico in the home of Barbara Jones. She's part of the Seven River Gang. She informs him there are wanted posters for him all over the state. Billy and Barbara discover they have a lot in common. They fall for each other. The rest of the gang returns, including Billy's old partner in crime, Jesse Evans. Barbara is Jesse's girl.

Billy the Kid
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Billy the Kid Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Billy: Why'd you get arrested?
Alias: Let's just say I don't like the law.

Alias: What the hell are you doing riding up here?
Billy: I just broke out of jail.
Alias: That has got to be the best excuse I ever heard for being anywhere.