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Savannah's having bad dreams, at least we think it's Savannah. Elena is telling her, "We're all dead by dawn."

Clay, sporting a really nice shot of his ass suggests to Elena that they go away on vacation while she cuts off her beautiful hair. She's sporting some serious PTSD. He said he hates that it took so long to find her and she says he never will.

Paige is doing witchy things at the compound.

The alphas are at Stonehaven annoying Jeremy. They want every single detail about the business that went down.

Nick and Paige are cleaning up the mess at the compound and burning the remains of the symbol. Paige still cannot believe Aleister was her brother, let alone that he grew up without a family. Nick's talking about his mother. He googled her. She's pretty. When a human finds out they're a werewolf, you have to kill them, so he can't risk his mother ever finding out about him.

Clay and Elena are getting ready to train, being cute and ribbing each other. It seems that won't last. Nick calls to check in and Paige tosses in they might be overnighting in Hawksbury, where his mom is.

One of the alphas is following Nick, which is really bad timing. Paige has found Nick's mom, who is a lovely lady who lost her baby and fiance when she was only 17. 

Savannah shows up with news of her vision. Elena's going to die.

The alphas continue to annoy.

Nick and Paige make love.

Savannah holds onto Elena's hands as she did in the compound and shows her the vision. A man is eating her stomach and Aleister looks on. Elena wonders what it means that Aleister is not dead. Jeremy is shocked to see Savannah, but not as shocked to see the alpha as he's the one who was eating Elena.

Nick's mom shows him photos. His dad sent her photos over the years. She always knew about him. He can't take it.

Nick's mom gets to see Nick in wolf form when she protects him. 

The Spanish continue to annoy, especially with their accents.

Nick and his mother cry it out and share a beautiful moment together. It will be their first and their last. 

Aleister comes back and threatens Clay. Then he merges with him. This cannot be good.

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Clay: I hate that it took me so long to find you.
Elena: You never will.

His last words were that he wished I would come find you. But now that I'm here I wish that I didn't because I brought so much danger into your world.