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Witchy flashback to a time Clara was really pissed off and Aleister was doing street performances with his magic, not knowing what he was. It was actually possible to feel sorry for him and to blame Clara for this entire mess.

Somehow, Aleister knows enough about the pack and the others (and Clay) to act like him quite well. Meanwhile, Clay is locked inside his head. Faux Clay has talked the gang into doing their spell at Stonehaven. The fake Stonehaven inside of Clay's head is kind of cool.

Aleister is surprised by the force of Clay's soul. He shouldn't be alive. 

Elena gives to Savannah a beautiful tin type photo she took back in the old days to help give her courage.

Savannah starts her initiation. When she chooses a black rat as her familiar, she freaks out and wants Elena with her. The finally say she can have her with her, but when it's time to go in, she must go alone.

Meanwhile, Clay is acting like a strange version of Clay. 

Nick and Paige head off to the basement to make love against the jail cell. When they join with the initiation building party in the woods, Nick wonders what the hell is going on. They're in the wrong place. Clay smells Paige on him and they start to fight.

When Clay gets back to Stonehaven, he tries to get it on with Elena and it's raunchy. She punches him out.

Elena pulls Paige aside before the ceremony. She wonders if it's normal for Savannah to be so out of conrol of her magic. She's worried.

Faux Clay, meanwhile, is spilling the beans about Elena changing in front of Rachel, making it seem as though spending time with Savannah is a bad thing. 

Paige doesn't heed Elena's warning about Clay so she begins researching the book. Faux, meanwhile, is making a ring of fire with a barrel in the middle and a noose over the top. That's not good.

Inside his head, Malcolm is with a young Clay. Malcolm says he still lives in him, just like the boy does. 

When Jeremy talks with Elena, she reveals she never told Clay about changing in front of Rachel. Jeremy is convinced. They run to the shed where Clay was when he was "attacked" and find a strange marking. They realize Aleister is alive and rush off to save Savannah who is in her little stick tent with her familiar. She says some words, a light goes up and the rat disappears. She calls out to Ruth and Paige but it appears she's not where she thinks. A man bends over the doorway.

Jeremy and Ruth find where Aleister is planning on his business. Elena doesn't believe Clay is dead and wants to kill Aleister's body so they can wait out Clay kicking Aleister's ass mentally.

Aleister/Clay is ready to step into the noose and Jeremy vaults at him like a gymnast. They fight. Inside his mind, Clay is facing a wolf that sounds like a lion. Jeremy is temporarily down on the ground and Faux Clay does an incredible leap into the noose, hanging himself. Jeremy knocks him down and intends to kill him, but Clay opens the door to the wolf and somehow changes into the wolf. Elena has the wolf in her hands and Aleister is transported back to his own body. 

Somehow, God knows how, Aleister (the real one) has a body in his trunk. It's Savannah. Huh? He lock and keys her. Now that she has her talisman, that's not a good thing. He makes her drink the sample of Elena's blood. A shockwave overtakes the planet and Ruth starts to bleed. It's the beginning of the end.

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Aleister: By the time I'm done with your body, I will have broken that bitch's heart.
Clay: Not before she's ripped out yours.

Clay: [grunts] Somebody's been dipping their wick.
Paige: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Clay: She's nothing but a little witch whore.
Nick: You're outta line right now! [hand to hand combat ensues]