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Sandra Bauer was a nutball on the verge of collapse five months ago when Aleister found her. She likes pain.

Somehow Aleister makes what Sandra did to herself Elena's fault. For someone who loves pain, she sure loves screaming about it.

Clay is checking into her and discovers she was messing with college protocol.

Nick presents Paige with ginger to protect her from evil. She reveals it also heats up love affairs. It doesn't seem to be news to him.

Jeremy doesn't believe Ruth is blind to who Aleister really is.

Aleister tries to teach Savannah a new spell to take her mind off of Elena, but she's not so good at it and he helps her along.

Elena and Sandra are chatting about what to expect. Sandra says the pain is beautiful and she spasms as her body starts to change a bit.

Rachel is locked up and watching a video. She's being brainwashed. It seems a bit too easy, frankly.

Paige and Nick go to see Mrs. Ashmont to talk about her son, Timothy. She says he's not her son. 

At the same time, Aleister is talking about being adopted and remembering coming into his powers at the age of 12. 

Aleister says if he injects Elena's blood into Savannah, the chosen one, it will kill all of the other witches, but not Savannah.

Clay finally learns what Sandra was doing. She was creating aberrations. Sandra, who is alive and out in the wild eating. 

While Rachel is wandering around, she sees a top and she stops it from spinning. When she does that, the mark on her neck disappears. Apparently it means someone is of the outside mind. Rachel starts to run and Aleister respins the top.

Sandra is a complete nutter now, lost in her mind. Aleister kills her in the way he killed his cat and father.

Ruth takes Jeremy to see her old friend Claire Sullivan. She's immediately annoying. Ruth touches her hand and she says Claire never followed through with it. There is a flash of a baby being born and in a basket.

Back at Stonehaven, Paige tells Clay and Nick about the Commandment. All male babies must be aborted. Or, tribulation.

Paige is in the woods crying. She's very worried. When Nick says they can protect her, she starts kissing him. She needs to take her mind off of her worries. Sex works.

Savannah just wants to go one night without the blood test, but he locks and keys her. Aleiser is trying out the blood spell. He's found it. 

Jeremy and Clay discover that witchcraft is responsible for werewolves and also the doomsday prophecy. That the son born to a witch would survive to kill them all. Dark magic turned a man into a wolf. 

Paige has to reach Savannah. Now. Elena is holding Savannah's hand and she can see them all. They tell Elena to set up a signal to identify the compound. They'll be there by morning.

Clay goes all Last of the Mohicans on us... No matter what, I will find you!

Savannah kills her guard with her fear. 

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

My father had a particular technique. He had a belt buckle that said 'faith.' He used to beat his faith into me every single day.


A predator just sees prey, and that's exactly what Savannah will look like to her.