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Elena is being poked and prodded for her blood in order for Aleister to do the undoing. Can you do an undoing? 

Savannah makes contact with Elena and then again with Ruth and Paige. She's a little snotty and it's obvious she's taken with Aleister and what he's told her.

A doctor starts Elena's new day with poking and prodding.

Logan finally gets out of the van.

Savanna sits with Aleister and he pulls the lock and key crap again. When she starts to remember her life, he brings it up.

The wolf's blood should be attacking the witches blood. The undoing appears to be the chance to end the witches. 

The doctor's name is Sandra, and her purpose is to get wolf's blood from Elena, who is not playing along.

Nick and Paige bond over their common enemy.

Ruth wants to flirt with dark magic in order to save Savannah from what may happen and it's worrying Paige. 

Ruth and Jeremy talk and he wonders about the size of her coven as well as the existence of the male witch. 

Logan finds Rachel, they run, same as Elena, who sees another wolf explode before Aleister catches up with her.

Ruth and Paige connect with the dead Lau girl and only Jeremy has the guts to plow through with questions. She says they all have to die in order for the undoing to take place and that she feels sick. She needs to see Dr. Bauer. At least it's a name.

Aleister brings Rachel into the lab to torture her so Aleister can get his wolf sample from Elena. Elena strips down and begins to change. 

Because of the exercise, Ruth and Paige think they cannot trust Jeremy. Jeremy and Clay don't want to trust the witches, but Nick does. This could get ugly.

Sandra uses samples of blood from Elena and Savanna to see if they attack properly. They do not. She decides to try something different.

Savannah tries to apologize to Elena when she hears her back in the room again. She's confused and doesn't know who to trust. Elena explains to her the difference between controlling someone and protecting them. 

Elena used to look out at the full moon when she was a little girl after her mother died, imagining her new family. She shares the story with Savannah, whose coven also covets the moon. They hold hands through a hole in the wall.

Sandra is having sex with Aleister on the floor inside a ring of lit candles in front of a group of...followers. She injects herself with Elena's blood.

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Doctor: Good morning. How did you sleep?
Elena: Like a baby. Shot full of drugs.

Paige: I know. I just feel so powerless.
Nick: Powerless? Are you kidding me? The first time we met, you made my eyes bleed.