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One week ago in Brookline, Massachusetts, Paige is getting ready to go out, chatting with a young girl named Savannah. They are contentious. There is a pounding in the floor above. Aleister, an apparent witch, is sitting in front of Savannah. He tells her Paige gets to do fun stuff and she's stuck doing homework. He gives her a piece of candy. When she eats it, a worm crawls down her arm. He says, "I am the lock." She replies with, "and I am the key." 

All the while, Paige sees the dude with his head flying back and forth. It's very creepy. 

Present day, the pack is after Malcolm. Jeremy says there was a declaration of war, so they need to make sure nobody knows about the dead alpha or that Malcolm has escaped. Suddenly the walnut bowl starts to rustle. It's that damned witch ring. Jeremy grabs it and looks outside. Paige and Ruth are out there. Paige shows her witchery to get the ring back for Ruth and as soon as Ruth puts it back on all the doors and windows close. 

The witches act all cool as silk in front of the werewolves, perhaps a little too much. The two groups decide to work together so the witches can get Savannah and the werewolves can get Malcolm. 

Malcolm is with a witch somewhere, having been picked up as a hitchhiker.

A man from the Spanish pack arrives, Eduardo E., looking for his alpha. Whoops. He's a cocky bastard. While Elena and Clay try to erase the stench of death by covering it up with bleach, Jeremy smooth talks him upstairs. Elena is pissed they didn't kill Malcolm when they had the chance. 

Savannah is watching a top spin while a strange "follower" talks to the curtains. She tells Aleister she's not enjoying her stay because she's locked away like she was with Paige and Ruth. He assures her it's not the same. She's been dreaming of Malcolm. It's a vision, actually. Aleister needs to know where it is. Every time he says he's the lock, I want to smack him.

Clay is chopping off the alpha's fingers when he has a vision of his mother screaming in agony. Elena doesn't understand what's going on, but she knows it's about Baton Rouge. He tells her what he learned about Malcolm and his parents. He wants to make Malcolm pay for what he's done after this thing with the witches is over. Then he chops off the alpha's head.

Nick wonders whether this alliance is a good thing. Logan says they painted them into a corner. 

Paige has a bad feeling, but Ruth doesn't want to hear it. Paige is scared and reminds Ruth she was there when this thing, this Aleister, took Savannah and he's not just a man. They do some sort of cleansing so Paige can communicate with Savannah. Paige's eyes go white and Savanna begins to speak. She says she gave Aleister the information she was asked and she thinks Aleister is coming. Logan overhears something about the pregnant woman and shakes Paige, breaking the connection, which is very damaging. It would seem they should communicate about these things a bit more.

Logan is just happy to learn Rachel is alive.

Jeremy and Ruth are color coordinated in lovely teals and shades of black.

Malcolm arrives and begs for his live. Jeremy tells him he's worth more to him alive than dead, for now. He's left out in the road in front of the barn in a rocking chair. Odd, that. Everyone else lies in wait.

The weather vane that Paige has witchified begins to spin. She knows Aleister is coming. He's actually walking through the fields. Upon arrival, all of the other witches come out. He asks if Malcolm is the most powerful werewolf. Malcolm sits, unable to speak, and Aleister just ignores each of the taunts of the witches and kills Bridget, the witch who was holding Malcolm. 

Malcolm is free and Aleister makes a little earthquake to stop others running toward them. Their ears are all ringing with a sonic boom type of explosion. Two vans full of his followers come by and Clay sends Elena after Malcolm.

Paige asks Nick to carry Bridget inside the barn.

Ruth wonders who Aleister is. He says she knows, and she'll soon understand. He thanks her for the wolf says he's going to go collect her now. 

The girl who was talking to the curtains goes into the barn and she's like indestructible. Nick is kind of hilarious. He keeps fighting her and she keeps coming. Finally Paige puts a spell on her and he asks if she could have done that two minutes ago.

Clay and Jeremy are outside fighting. Elena is running after Malcolm. They end up in a fight to the death. Malcolm's. She does a kick ass two fingers to the throat kill. Aleister sees her and realizes Malcolm wasn't the werewolf he wanted after all. He wanted the strongest and how he has her. Malcolm stows away in one of the vans.

Nick and Paige are both in charge of their death rituals. He's taking photos of Malcolm and she's spreading flower petals on top of Bridget. He asks if there's anything he can do. He expresses his apologies for her loss. He says she'll get her revenge. She doesn't want revenge. She wants her sisters back, the ones she took for granted and who she lost due to her own actions. Nicks says she risked her life to save her friend and that tells him everything he needs to know about her. He watches her ritual as the blanket around Bridget turns to ashes and rises up into the air.

Clay is asking the indestructible woman about Elena and Logan. She keeps saying, "The key to our gate into our great undoing four six," and other things and then stabs herself in the gut.

Elena is strapped to a medical table, screaming.

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Bitten Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Ruth: We come in peace:
Jeremy: You come empty handed.

Aleister: I am the lock.
Savannah: And I am the key.