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Jefferson is trying out some new tech, but is shocked to learn that he is unwell. Gambi tries to pull him out of it, but he ultimately faints in the lair. 

Lynn shows up and checks him over, but Jefferson acts like all is fine with him. 

Anissa looks for a costume to try and help find out what really happened to her grandfather all those years ago. 

The editor of the paper warns her off checking up on things, but this further piques her interest. 

She eventually breaks into an olf lock-up to find a lot of information about what really happened to the people with power. 

Tobias stopped by Gambi's and said that he needs to use him for some information on who Black Lightning is. 

Tobias returned to his father's home and attacked him because he made fun of him as a child for his skin color. 

Jennifer was grounded because two girls attacked her and she fought back. 


Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jefferson: Are you sure about this?
Gambi: In theory.
Jefferson: That's not the vote of confidence I was looking for.

Jefferson: What the hell were you thinking?
Jennifer: Okay, look. It wasn't my fault.
Lynn: It doesn't matter whose fault it was. Did you not see the cast on her wrist?