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Jefferson was on life support and had various meetings with his father in his subconscious, but he was ultimately pulled back to the side of good to fight the good fight. 

When the ASA showed up, things took a wild turn and Jennifer had to charge Jefferson's powers back up to join in the fight against them. 

The family fought their way to the compound the metas were being kept and Gambi shot Martin dead, but there was still a lot of fighting left to do. 

Tobias was walking around the town of Freeland causing trouble for the ASA. In one scene, he even went as far as planting Lala in the ASA HQ and blowing him up. 

Tobias managed to get his hands on Green Light after Martin died by using his severed thumb to access the briefcase. 

Tobias warned that he was about to go nuclear and take out some of the superheroes in the town. Syonide and Khalil got ready to follow his every command. 

Black Lightning
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Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Jefferson: How do we stop them?
Gambi: We can't. These guys are every bit as good as Delta force or SEAL teams.

Gambi: Our best option is to retreat.
Anissa: Oh baby, I'm not running away.